Self-Drive Rental Car in Manado

Not many you can find the  rental service in manado that allow you to arrange your own trip by driving it yourself. It's about the security concern. Car stealing is only one of the crimes that sometimes happen to car rental service in manado, which is why it's not easy to find the one who gives this self-drive rental service in manado.

And you're lucky enough to finally find us who can provide your needs to have a self-drive rental car in manado. Trusting our customer is the main idea why we launch this service. Hopefuly our customer will keep it so. And be our trusted customer and treat our units the way you treat yours.

Self-drive rental car service  in manado is also provided by

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Along with this car rental in manado, we also provide the bike rental in manado. When you need a more mobile trip or a cheap one, feel free to contact us for motorcycle rental in manado.

For those who's searching for trip package,  we also provide the tour packages such as tomohon and tondano tour package, bunaken tour package, lihaga tour package,  danau linau tour package,bukit kasih and bukit doa, and so many other tour destinations here ini north sulawesi.

We're now available in manado and palu city,

Smart rental mobil manado, will give our best efforts to fulfill your needs in self-drive rental car , car rental service,  bike rental in manado.

We serve you with the best units from the latest version,   cars and motorcycles for rent.

Skilled, experienced, friendly drivers and clean units is our commitment.

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